The Great Balancing Act

Gravity Glue Rock Balancing by Michael Grab

Balance.  Physical, mental, spiritual, family, and work.  Do YOU have balance in your life? 

I think that in today’s world of instant gratification, everyone is suffering from the lack of balance, in some fashion.  That lack of balance tends to creep into our lives without us realizing it until it becomes too obvious to ignore.  It may announce itself as a surprising emotional response to something not going as planned.  It might even emerge as a comment or observation from someone (yourself included), in a moment of clarity.  Whatever the method of delivery, it is important to recognize that something needs to change in order to bring things ‘back to center’.  Making slight adjustments as needed always results in a better ‘fine-tuned’ outlook on life.

Lately, I have been finding that my body is telling me that my workouts need to be a higher priority in order for it not to succumb to the ‘daily grind’ and the aches and pains of someone my age (older than 40).  I used to joke about the minute that you turned 40, you started grunting and making noises when you bent over to tie your shoe or anything remotely strenuous!  I now believe it to be true!  There must be something self-soothing about making the noise so that you understand that there is a reason for the discomfort and added effort to accomplish something seemingly so minor.  Maybe it makes us feel better that we are acknowledging the need to address it.  HOW to address it becomes the real question.

One of my favorite sayings is, “What You Think, You Become” (Buddha).  If you only surround yourself with the frenzied schedule, of work and appointments, you soon find yourself ‘burned out’ and only focused on work.  If you choose to also make time for self, family, and friends, you will have a good BALANCE in your life, which will be rewarding and lead to greater success.

The next part of that saying is, “What You Feel, You Attract” (Buddha).  If you feel calm and balanced, you attract calm and balance into your life.  If you feel frazzled, chaotic, and stressed, you will attract more of that into your life.  Give some thought as to what you want to attract into your life.  What would your life look like if it had more BALANCE?

The last part of the saying is, “What You Imagine, You Create” (Buddha).  Basically, if you can dream it, you can figure out how to create it.  Your imagination is the limit.  Too often, our little ‘voice of reason’ squelches our dreams, telling us that ‘That will never Happen’.  And so, we give up before we ever actually try to accomplish what we are dreaming about.  What can you do differently to imagine and create YOUR dreams?

I believe that we are a product of our environment, whether that is positive or negative depends on how we choose to respond to it.  As an architect, I have clients describe to me their ‘perfect’ vision for their space.  I carefully listen to each client to be sure that they are heard and that their unique visions are recorded in my meeting notes, including room sizes, function, colors, materials, textures, etc. for the proposed remodel or new space.  By including elements from all of these visions and making them work together as a single vision, I am designing a space that provides a sense of calm and well-being for each of the clients.  Sometimes this is solved just by providing a small reading nook, yoga space, or homework area to add a sense of organization amidst the often-chaotic typical household.  This is even true in offices, where we have created ‘Zen Rooms’ for employees to get out of their cubicles/offices and have a space with soft lounge furniture and a calming color palette, whenever it suits them.  All of these types of solutions help to rejuvenate our minds, recharge our bodies, and bring us back into BALANCE (Ahhhh, the dreaded ‘B word’ again!  HA HA!).

I find that it is best to have a mixture of things in your life that are exciting, fun, and challenging, while being supported with a space that provides, joy, calm, and rejuvenation , all resulting in a life with BALANCE!  That, my friend, is the best approach to keeping some sort of balance in YOUR life.

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