Green Design

Being “GREEN” has come to mean many things. At WILDER ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING, P.C.  we believe GREEN design means designing for greater efficiency, not only in energy consumption but also in layout and traffic flow.

GREEN design also means incorporating, where practical, new products that use components made from sustainable materials. Some of the green projects we have worked on include:

  • Replacing outdated windows with new energy-efficient, more aesthetically pleasing windows that can dramatically change the feel of any room and save money.
  • Bringing natural light into interior spaces with solar light tubes.
  • Re-Sourcing and Re-Cycling of old materials removed during remodel or deconstruction
  • Choosing environmentally-friendly materials for interior and exterior renovations.
  • Designing recycling stations that make it convenient to sort and store paper, containers, and compostables.
  • Including solar energy systems in remodels and new construction to help offset your carbon footprint.


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