Ensuring a Successful Project

Ensuring a successful project is important to everyone involved.  Having a team that has already proven that they know how to run successful projects is essential to making your project go smoothly.  Key elements of that proven formula are experience, an understanding of the design & construction processes, and being able to offer creative solutions within a budget.

What can Wilder Architecture & Planning, P.C. offer you and your project?

  • Help you develop the “big picture” for your project and determine how to make it work with your budget and timeframe
  • Explore options for layout, styles, & function
  • Sort through municipality building codes & zoning requirements and determine how they relate to your project
  • Coordinate the project team of client, architect, engineer(s), & contractor
  • Spend time planning & fully developing your ideas to minimize changes once construction is underway
  • Provide creative design solutions through highly functional floor plans, good natural lighting & ventilation, and good integration with the building site and/or existing building(s)
  • Design options that can reduce energy & maintenance cost
  • Thorough quality drawings that allow projects to run smoothly and efficiently
  • Help ensure project is built as intended once construction begins
  • Adhere to AIA Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct
  • Dedication to high standards of professional practice

What can you (the client) do to help make the project successful?

  • Choose an architect & contractor that have experience in your project type and whose portfolio(s) you like
  • Choose an architect & contractor with whom you feel comfortable & have open communication.  A respectful working relationship between client, architect, & builder will pay off, as there will always be some building issues that need to be worked out.
  • Communicate design preferences, functional requirements, and budget early in the process
  • Respond in a timely manner to questions & design submissions in order to keep the project on track with budget and schedule
  • Raise any concerns as the project proceeds, in order to address them as quickly as possible